Create Your Life Studio is a place of


I created the space I most wanted to find.

Create Your Life Studio is a place where women and girls gather to be and express who they really are.

Create Your Life Studio is a place of creativity, magic, and healing.

I am a champion for women and girls!

I teach women and girls how to be their own ally.

I help women and girls re-author their stories.

I teach women and girls how to intentionally create their lives.

You have all of the answers inside of you already, let me help you uncover them by teaching you skills and practices for tapping back into your own creativity and intuition with validation and support in a safe and nonjudgmental space.

I also offer art therapy groups, workshops, and retreats where women and girls can express themselves authentically, find their inner voice, rewrite their stories, heal, and discover their real worth and value in creative and meaningful ways.

I want you to know:

You deeply matter.
You are creative.
You are powerful beyond measure.

You can learn to trust your own intuition and feelings.

Create joy / Create meaning / Create change / Create sunshine / Create magic / Create hope

At Create Your Life Studio

Let me show you how...

Creativity can be a wellness practice.
Creativity can be a mindfulness practice.
Creativity can be a gratitude practice.


I will help you create a new life-one that doesn't yet exist, the life you dream about.

I will help you change your old stories into new ones that you get to author yourself.

I will help you learn how to trust yourself, how to be your own ally, and how to be your own best friend.

I will help you develop a healthier relationship with yourself and others.

Many clients find that using visual language helps to access, process, and heal traumatic memories in a way that talk therapy alone might not reach.

I will teach you methods and skills to help you light a path to the future you wish to create.

Together, we will co-create an individualized wellness practice to help you create more gratitude in your life. I will help you learn to tap into your own intuition, access your wise mind, and listen to the guidance from your highest self.

I try to create an environment of safety and openness. I believe in making space for listening to women and girls that is compensatory in a culture that silences us.


Every moment, you decide what you are worth and how you deserve to be treated.

I want you to show up and step fully into your own creative power!


I believe that art heals.

I understand the deep healing and joy that come from having a regular art practice.
I believe that our lives are influenced by the beliefs and the stories we have inherited and carried along the way, and by examining these long-held beliefs and stories, we are then able to construct new, healthier, and more empowered narratives so that we may "create our lives" with intention and meaning.

Christine Scott-Hudson, MA, LMFT, ATR

Psychotherapist &
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #89369
Board-Registered Art Therapist #08-094

I received my Master's degree (MA) in Marital and Family Therapy with Specialized Training in Clinical Art Therapy and graduated with honors from Loyola Marymount University.

I received my Bachelor's degrees in both (BA) Psychology and (BA) Communication-Radio, Television, and Film Media Studies with honors, and received a minor in Women's Studies from The University of Houston.

I have worked as a trauma-informed psychotherapist with abuse survivors for 11 and a half years at CALM in Santa Barbara, utilizing both psychotherapy and art therapy.

I have also worked as an art therapist with adolescents in a private drug and alcohol rehab, with homeless adults at Casa Esperanza homeless shelter, and in private practice with clients living with challenging medical issues.

Please be sure to check the education and credentials of anyone claiming to be an art therapist or to provide art therapy. Check with the Art Therapy Credentialing Board. Art Therapy is not just making art, although making art can feel inherently therapeutic. Art Therapists are masters' level trained psychotherapists with thousands of hours of training and clinical supervision, overseen by the ATCB (Art Therapy Credentialing Board.)